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Western Hotel - Ghayathi

Arrada-Ghayathi-Al Ruwais Rd

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Western Hotel - Ghayathi Western Hotel Ghayathi is situated in Abu Dhabi, 26 kilometer from Ruwais Mall. It propose free Wi-Fi along with an outdoor pool, a restaurant and meeting facilities.

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Price: 78 €
Rooms available248 rooms

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Arrada-Ghayathi-Al Ruwais Rd, Ghayathi,  western-hotel-ghayathi_ae_arradaghayathial-ruwais-rd

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About this location


ghayathi Photo Ghayāthī (Arabic: غَـيَـاثِي‎), with 14,022 inhabitants (2005 census), is a town within the western region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Originally a bedouin settlement, today many inhabitants work in agriculture.Ghayathi is situated 250 kilometer (160 mi) from the town of Abu Dhabi and 20 kilometer (12 mi) from the coast. The principal road is E15, which connects the town with the E11 near Ruwais within the north, and Aradah within the Liwa Oasis within the south. Another road leads to Madinat Zayed."

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